Friday, 26 May 2017

Student's Thoughts

After our second gathering as MIT Spark innovative teachers, I started to become excited about the prospect of my inquiry. I used the time available at this gathering to discuss my issues and confirm my 'innovation' part of my inquiry. After this discussion I came away confident and had a clear picture of what my inquiry would look like.

Not long after this second meeting, I created a survey so I could gather student voice. Due to my inquiry being based on increasing self-efficacy in students writing, I wanted to know whether positive praise would improve this. Below is the data of this question.

As you can see, 73.3% of students agreed that positive praise would help increase their self efficacy in their writing. This is something that I will implement in my next unit with these students.

Secondly, the innovative part to my inquiry is using voice typing. Part of being an effective teacher is knowing 'the learner'. Based on my observations of my Year 11 class, I can conclude that majority of students can orally construct a sentence, however they struggle to put this on a document in writing. So using 'voice typing' as my innovation was an idea to help my students collect evidence for assessments. I surveyed my class and asked them, would speaking in to a document be more beneficial than writing. The data to this question is below.

Overwhelmingly, students thought that this would help improve work output compared to writing on a document. 53.3% yes, it definitely would help and 40% thought it could help somewhat. My next step in my inquiry is to implement both of these strategies in to my next unit of work.

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  1. Always good to see the examples coming through from teachers actually asking their kids what they think and want. I look forward to the voice typing...