Friday, 11 August 2017

Using the Innovative Tool

Student's were finding it hard to adapt to the idea of using 'voice typing' for their assessment. When a new task is introduced, they tend to stick to what is comfortable instead of branching out of their comfort zone. This relates back to one of my initial problems I identified with my class, a lack of self-efficacy. Students had a lack of faith in their ability to use the tool to help them with their assessment. The irony here is that 'voice typing' was identified as a tool that was going to help those students who were reluctant writers. I believed that this was the right tool but students just needed a helping hand to get them started. At the start of the unit I had one-on-one conversations with students prompting them with questions that would help them gather evidence for their assessment. While I was having this conversation with each student, the 'voice typing' tool would capture our conversation.

Once the conversation was finished, students would edit any errors to make complete sentences. After doing this exercise a couple of times, students started to feel comfortable using the tool. They then started using the tool by themselves and found it relatively straight forward to use.

Those students who adapted to using the tool, often gave others help which made it a lot easier for me as the classroom teacher.