Saturday, 23 September 2017

Post Inquiry Data

At the conclusion of the unit I gathered post inquiry data. I wanted to see if the 'voice typing' tool had been effective from a student's perspective.

The outcome was positive, with 60% of student's preferring to use 'voice typing' over normal typing/writing on a document.

It was pleasing to see the increase in interest of the 'voice typing' tool over the course of the assessment. 53% of students initially thought that 'voice typing' was a preferable option compared to 60% at the conclusion of the assessment. From my opinion I base this increase of percentage on familiarity of the tool. Student's were hesitant at the start of the unit, because the tool was something completely new to them. But over the course of time, they started to become more familiar with the tool, which increased their self efficacy and their ability to complete the task using 'voice typing'. 

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