Friday, 30 March 2018

Baseline Data

The target group for my inquiry is my Year 11 Physical Education class. The reason I chose this class is due to student perception that this subject is purely practical and involves no theoretical component. Therefore a lot of practical orientated students opt to take Physical Education due to the hands-on nature they experienced in junior school. Now, the presumption is that practical orientated students have lower literacy levels due to the nature of how they learn. So I wanted to gather some data in regards to literacy levels to see if this was true. The data I could draw on was each student's E-AsTtle writing results from 2017.

From reviewing the snapshot, there is a vast range of writing ability in my class. Writing levels range from 1A to 5P, which is 12 sub-levels. Catering for a vast range of abilities is going to present a challenge, especially if these students are to achieve work at Level 6 of the curriculum. I quickly concluded that there was a problem with writing among my students and something drastic was needed to be implemented if they were to achieve in this subject. 

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